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Welcome to The Bike Academy, child specific cycle training by the cycling experts.

Our Goal

Our goal is to get all childen cycling safely without stabilisers.  This is a huge milestone in every child's life... "I remember the first time I rode without stabilisers!"  By the end of our four hour course, the aim is that all children will have gained the knowledge and confidence to cycle a bicycle unaided and safely.  They will be able to start off, cycle and then stop the bike in a controlled and safe manner.

Attention to detail

Its an exciting moment in your childs life and we want them to get only the very best from our course.  To ensure this we maintain high instructor to child ratios with maximum class sizes of 7.  All Instructors have up to date DBS Checks aswell as a First Aid trained instructor on hand at all times.  In addition to this, all classes are held inside providing a comfortable environment all year round.

When only the best will do

As the owners of Birdie Bikes we are extremley fortunate to have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to cycling.  As we all know when you have the right tool for the job the task becomes a lot easier and more enjoyable.  For this very reason we supply all children with Frog Bikes.  “Frog, the colourful, high quality, lightweight kids’ bike.”

Frog is a small British company dedicated to making cycling fun for children.  With their own unique crank design, strong aluminium frame and handpicked components, Frog present one of the best kids’ bikes in the cycle industry.

In addition to the bikes we also provide all children with Met helmets. MET’s youth helmets are developed with the very same rigorous testing and specifications as their adult line of products, with a special eye cast toward the needs of young riders in both protection, and style.  With their unique adjustable head band Met ensure a comfortable and safe fitting helmet for your child.

If you would like to find out more about any of the products we supply please get in touch or see the products for your self at Birdie Bikes.

There’s lots of fun to be had at The Bike Academy!

Children having fun is one of the key factors during our course. Through enjoyment they will want to come back, will be eager to learn and quickly develop a love for cycling.  Our proven course is delivered through a variety of games and techniques practised, along with the use of music.

How it all began

The Bike Academy was set up and is run by husband and wife Adam and Gemma.

Adam has always had a passion for cycling.  As the owner of Birdie Bikes in Hampton, he has a wealth of cycling knowledge.  He is a keen cyclist and can often be spotted tearing up Swinley Forst or enjoying a leisurley cycle with his sons Noah and Austin.

Gemma specialises in Early Years Childcare and Child Development.

After succesfully teaching both Noah and Austin to cycle safely without stabilisers, it wasn't long before family, friends and customers started to seek their advice and ask for tips.  This soon led to the request of their services, which followed quickly with the launch of The Bike Academy.