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  • Adam Ruddick (Monday, September 11 23 08:38 pm BST)

    I cannot recommend The Bike Academy highly enough! Imogen (5) began unable to ride and come out a competent cyclist. She enjoyed the course so much, she was disappointed not to be going back!

    Adam and Gemma have a fantastic way with the children, which filled Imogen with confidence and determination to learn.

    Our weekends have been filled with bike rides since.

    Thank you Adam and Gemma, I will be recommending to all.

  • Rachel Shore (Saturday, March 11 23 07:50 am GMT)

    We were very excited to teach our girls (7 and 5) how to ride their bikes and so out we went, imagining that moment where you finally let go and they ride off on their own. But time and time again it just ended with them getting upset and us getting frustrated - we weren't getting anywhere and we realised that we needed help!
    The Bike Academy had been recommended by a friend so we decided we needed to bring in the reinforcement! Adam and Gemma really know what they're doing and how to effectively communicate with children and put them at ease; they made each lesson so much fun (the kids were genuinely so excited to go each day) and, most importantly, really knew how to actually get them riding their bikes safely and with confidence. We can't thank them enough and thoroughly recommend the course to anyone who finds themselves in a similar position!

  • Peter Chafer (Sunday, September 25 22 08:51 pm BST)

    An absolutely wonderful experience for any little boy or girl who is wants to learn to cycle. My daughter Lena loved every minute of it! Now we have a confident little girl who wants to cycle all the time. To learn how to ride in just four 1-hour sessions is a quite magical! Wonderful people at the helm and a very friendly environment added to her enjoyment. Highly recommend!

  • Michelle hand (Saturday, July 30 22 08:39 pm BST)

    We just wanted to leave a review as we would highly recommend the bike academy with Adam and Gemma.
    We signed up as we couldn’t get our 4 year old son to switch onto the pedal bike. Adam and Gemma have managed to get him onto the bike and able to ride it independently with him also having lots and lots of fun. He is still asking now when can he can go back! Their enthusiasm and experience really gets the children riding their bike as well as having a fantastic time. We can’t recommend them enough. Thanks Michelle and Jack.

  • Atkins Family (Wednesday, June 01 22 09:45 am BST)

    Adam & Gemma provided our son with a fun and safe way to learn to ride. He really enjoyed going each morning, over the 4-day course, and as his confidence grew so did his riding skills! Thank you both, would highly recommend.

  • Lisa Lok (Wednesday, April 13 22 11:18 am BST)

    I cannot say enough good things about the Bike Academy in Hampton. My daughter, Marnie, loved it. The 4 day programme (an hour a day) is more than suffice. I now have a very confident 5 year old who can now ride her bike without her stabilisers. Money well spent. Highly recommend. A big thanks to Adam and Gemma.

  • Anil Sagar (Wednesday, November 10 21 08:58 pm GMT)

    Our 5 year old daughter went on the course and previously our 5 year old son completed this. Adam and Gemma really do take the time and effort to get children cycling independently and we were so grateful when these courses recommenced post Covid. Would definitely recommend if you are keen for your child to cycle independently.

  • I. Emmett (Tuesday, August 27 19 05:23 pm BST)

    I cannot praise enough the course and Adam & Gemma for their kind and great efforts. My son for who I was so worried and nervous became at the end of the course a little confident cyclist. The follow up advice and support given was useful and much appreciated! Best investment ever! Highly recommended

  • Diane Williams (Sunday, May 19 19 08:00 pm BST)

    I was beginning to despair of my 9 year old son ever being able to ride a bike after many years of trying to teach him with no success, just a very sore back! Adam and Gemma are lovely people and the course was excellent. My son went from being someone who said he didn't want to ride a bike and was never going to be able to do it, to being outside for two hours after the final class riding around and practising his newly acquired skills. When we told him it was time to come in he pleaded to be allowed to stay out longer! We are all so thrilled that he can finally do it, particularly his older brother who has been waiting years for us all to be able to go out cycling together. I would not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone, even if they are highly reluctant and very scared like my child was. If he can do it, anyone can!

  • Nicola Fullicks (Saturday, March 30 19 04:37 pm GMT)

    My daughter absolutely loved the course and is now happily riding a bike. Adam and Gemma are really lovely and fantastic with the kids and made the course fun. Would highly recommend them.

  • Josh Moloney (Monday, November 05 18 06:33 pm GMT)

    Before the course, my daughter was riding using stabilisers (if at all, she didn't like it). After two lessons she was confidently riding without stabilisers and is now the course is finished she is asking to ride to and from school. Thanks Adam & Gemma!

  • Sharon Philbey (Saturday, October 06 18 05:04 pm BST)

    Any recommend highly enough. Adam and Gemma were so lovely and cannot believe that our 5 year old has gone from not even balancing to cycling really well in just 4 lessons! Worth every penny and he is so chuffed. Thank you!

  • Carly O’Donnell (Saturday, August 04 18 01:53 pm BST)

    Thank you so much for teaching our daughter to ride a bike. She loved everything about the course and gained so much confidence at the same time as having fun.
    Would recommend this to all our family and friends and will definitely use you again when my youngest daughter needs teaching.

  • Carla Abrahams (Monday, June 04 18 12:56 pm BST)

    No one was more surprised than me to see both of my boys, Charlie & Harry (6&4), cycling confidently and proudly without stabilisers after just 3 lessons!! Amazing work Adam and Gemma...huge praise and I can not recommend you highly enough! The boys are sad that they don’t have to come back again 😊

  • Georgina (Sunday, May 13 18 03:16 pm BST)

    This is such a brilliant course!! Firstly Adam and Gemma are such a friendly, fun Super Team. We can't recommend them enough.
    Both our children had great fun and it was amazing to see them go from not being able to ride a bike to riding confidently. We are going to have such fun as a family cycling together!
    Thank you Gemma and Adam!

  • EMMA BIESTY (Monday, April 23 18 09:22 am BST)

    My daughter was one of the first pupils to attend the course last year and was cycling confidently by week 3. We have since enjoyed hours of fun cycling in and around Hampton. Adam and Gemma were so encouraging and made learning fun. I'm now enrolling my 6 year old son for a course so the whole family can go on bike riding days together.

  • Alex Warburton (Saturday, March 10 18 01:22 pm GMT)

    I cannot recommend this course enough. Adam and Gemma are amazing. They not only taught my daughter to ride a bike without stabilisers, they also helped to build her confidence so that she too believed she could do it! They taught her how to start and safely stop the bike and made the whole experience fun! Huge thanks.

  • Caroline Norris (Tuesday, January 23 18 01:41 pm GMT)

    If only this course was available when my eldest sons learnt to ride! It is brilliant, my daughter loved it and after 2 sessions was riding around Carlisle park confidently and she did not once have the trauma of falling off her bike whilst learning. Totally recommend it, stress free and saves a back ache! Thank you Gemma and Adam for doing this!

  • Mr A Sagar (Saturday, January 20 18 05:09 pm GMT)

    Thank you both to Adam and Gemma for teaching our 4 year old son to ride his Frog bike in a safe, fun environment. He loved his lessons and we look forward to getting our daughter involved when she gets older

  • Selena and Richard Cass (Sunday, May 21 17 08:00 pm BST)

    Thank you so much Gemma and Adam for teaching our twin boys how to ride their bikes without stabilisers for the very first time!! The best part was they didn't even realise they were having a lesson as they were having so much fun and when we picked them up they both said they had an awesome time 😀 Couldn't recommend your academy highly enough it has made two boys (and their parents) very very happy!